The Dobbe family portal

About this page

This is the landing page for, the primary web domain for the Dobbe family. The domain and its infrastructure are actively managed by Grant Dobbe.

What's this all about?

Anyone with the surname Dobbe may set up a site here. Sites will be given a prefix corresponding to the user's first name. (e.g. or For ease of management, WordPress will be used as the default content management system, but users are free to modify their sites by putting up any content they wish.

In addition, users will be given email addresses at the primary domain corresponding to their first name. (e.g., or Email accounts can be set up for POP, IMAP, or webmail access and will be allotted 2GB of storage space (similar to a service like Gmail or Yahoo! mail.)

Hey! I'm a Dobbe! How do I get in on this?

Simply send me email.